You’re planning for a marriage, not just a wedding.

We met in high school but didn't make it much farther than "hello". Fast forward a few years where we fell in love at our friends' we decided to have our own.

Now we live in a 1910 craftsman home with a never-ending list of projects. We are raising our 4 crazy children and hosting as many people as we can cram into our space. We are certain we are not complying with maximum occupancy laws. 

For all the heartbreak this world holds, we still believe that marriage is sacred and love should be celebrated, marked out, and set apart. Whether you are upholding a long line of marriages or becoming the foundational rock for generations to come, the beginning of your love story deserves to be shared again and again.

We are Abby and Brandon.


After Abby graduated from school for photography in 2009, we immediately got married and then photographed our first wedding just a few weeks later. 

Abby is the lead photographer and showrunner of Abby and Brandon (both in business and in our personal life...just kidding...kind of…), while Brandon is second lead, pack mule, entertainer, and dad-joke teller...oh he’s also a full-time Real Estate Broker for the real estate company we own (but that’s not why you came here...or maybe it is?).

about our company

- Enneagram 8 | Myers Briggs ENTP
- Lover of sour gummy candy, rare meat, and chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.
- Great at doing the laundry, but never folding it.
- Barbecue smoking newbie, but the meat keeps getting better!
- Little bit of everything guy…soccer coach, sound tech, real estate agent-broker-teacher, school board member, bible study leader, men’s summit creator, photographer, and the list goes on. There is never an end to the things I would like to do, but my favorite place to be is with my hot wife and crazy kids.

about brandon

- Enneagram 7 | Myers Briggs ESFP
- Lover of cheese and salt and cheese. Chocolate is good too. 
- Bad at doing the laundry, great at thrift shopping.
- Board game aficionado, forever wanting them to be played by the rules.
- Hostess with the mostess...not really, but who cares!? Host it and they will come, even if there are crumbs on the floor and the dishes aren’t done (the laundry isn’t either in case you thought I’d gotten around to it).

about abby

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Now, we shared a little about us, it’s only fair that you share a little about you. Bonus points if you share a lot about you.

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Abby & Brandon are AMAZING photographers, so full of life & energy! It’s hard to put into words how incredible these two are! Honestly. They are so talented in so many ways within capturing moments yet making us feel so cared for & loved. I remember on our wedding day - our wedding party and family made comments to us how fun our photographers were & made it seem so easy and natural! They made our wedding day flow so smoothly!! They are so experienced and helpful! After having Abby & Brandon for our engagement photos, to our wedding day, to maternity pictures - they have come to feel like our family. We love them so much! They made us feel special from day one when we sat down for coffee & they listened to our story, laughing along, asking all these questions to get to know us. It was so natural, easy to connect, the conversation was so fun! I highly recommend them for any of your life moments - for together, Abby & Brandon will make it so memorable & special beyond the lens!

Kyle and Taylor | Fairytale Summer Wedding at Crooked Willow, Alexandria, MN

We felt so comfortable with Abby & Brandon, they were so helpful and knowledgeable even beyond photography. I was stressed while getting ready but they were so patient with me, plus they kept us on schedule, directing people in what to do and where to go while keeping the photo time fun and relaxing. We recommend them to everyone!

Dylan and Rochelle | Autumn Family Estate Wedding in Alexandria, MN

We love you guys, our pictures are beautiful, you were great to work with, it was so comfortable and full of joy. Every time we interacted with you we said “we should hang out with them.”

Tyler and Emily | Romantic Wedding at Kellerman’s Event Center, White Bear Lake, MN

We loved having Abby and Brandon photograph our special day. They have such a great sense of humor and kept the energy up during group photos. They were great at directing large groups to get everyone in the right place at the right time, which I know is not an easy task! My husband really dislikes having his picture taken, but Abby and Brandon made the process so fun even for him. 

Caleb and Christine | Sweet Summer Wedding at In The Pines, Alexandria, MN

Abby and Brandon were phenomenal to work with. It can be an uncomfortable experience to be photographed, especially while taking romantic photos, but Abby and Brandon made it a blast. They were extremely easy to work with, helped us to lighten up, and laughed with us all day. And in addition to that we got some pretty amazing photos to cherish forever.

Jon and Mary | Romantic Summer Wedding at Lakeside, Glenwood, MN

Abby & Brandon were so amazing to work with! From the moment we inquired to the day of our wedding, they were quick to answer any questions, help with planning, outfit choices, poses, makeup touch-ups, and laughter! I could go on forever on how much we adored and love these two. If you’re in search of a photographer for your wedding, engagement, family, or any occasion; We highly recommend Abby & Brandon! We have found our forever photographers and we could not be more pleased and honored to have these two in our lives.

Tyler and Courtney | High School Sweetheart Wedding at Arrowwood Resort & Conference Center, Alexandria, MN

We are so thankful that we found Abby & Brandon to be our wedding photographers. From the first day we met until even months after the wedding, they were always eager to answer our many questions and guide us through wedding planning steps. They helped us put together a timeline of the day and made sure the entire party kept on schedule. They had so much energy all day that taking pictures was fun and relaxing! We absolutely love how our pictures turned out and are so grateful that we will have them to look back on for years to come.

Mark and Marissa | Charming Summer Wedding at The Barn, Alexandria, MN

Abby & Brandon are amazing. From the get-go, I felt like they both cared so much about my fiancé and I. Though I was pumped to get our engagement session started, my fiancé was a little camera shy at first. Once we got going, they made him feel so comfortable and our photos turned out amazing. I will always cherish the memories behind these photos because it reminds me of our time being engaged; such a special moment in our short lives! Abby & Brandon truly care about their couples as more than clients, but as whole people who have needs and dreams and struggles. I feel like they will celebrate in the wins of their clients' lives and share empathy in the losses of their clients' lives. Could not recommend them more!

Jay and Delia | Playful Summer Engagement Session in Alexandria, MN

Abby & Brandon are fun, creative, talented and such a sweet couple. If you get the opportunity to book with them, you'll not only feel comfortable and relaxed AND get a TON of gorgeous photos, but you will get a glimpse into how married life SHOULD be :). They support each other, encourage, tease a little, and they have FUN. 

Dave and Jacquie | Summer Sunset Engagement Session in Alexandria, MN

We both hate pictures and are far from photogenic so both of us were not crazy excited for engagement photos. We were so thrilled with how comfortable Abby & Brandon made us feel and how the pictures turned out. Using our engagement photos in different projects for the wedding has been so fun. Abby and Brandon are excellent photographers who make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, are organized, and are easy to work with. 

Jeff and Shelby | Summer Meadow Engagement Session at Saint John’s University in Collegeville, MN

Abby and Brandon were GREAT!! Our engagement session was so much fun, and our photos are beautiful. They had so much energy and great advice for posing and wedding planning. My fiancé and I highly recommend them!!

Logan and Megan | Glowing Summer Engagement Session at Brophy Park, Alexandria, MN

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