Your story has multiplied and there isn’t a perfect time to capture a story, there’s just right now. These wonderfully imperfect moments will be the stories you hand down to your children’s children. Don’t let them pass by.

You’re here! And here, is where dread and overwhelm get left behind. Let us show you how.

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We have been married for 12 years and we really really like each other. We also have 4 kids ages 7 and under whom we really like...except less so when we’re trying to get them ready for a photos (sorry, it’s just the truth). You can trust us when we say we really understand the ins and outs of trying to prepare for a photo session. 
But that doesn’t stop us from getting out there every year and commemorating these wild and crazy years. And we never regret it for a second.

We are Abby & Brandon

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Because we know that just getting yourselves and your family to the session is a feat of heroes, we make it our job to help you relax and have fun. 
We are all about connecting with you and with your kids, whether they are young or old so you leave feeling like you just had a family date rather than a stiff photo session.

we want you to have fun

You still believe in a good old family portrait where everyone is looking and smiling, but you know that you will actually treasure those interactive photos, the snuggly kisses, the giggles, and yes, even your runaway toddler determined to do their own thing, the most. 

we're perfect for you if...

You could get everyone out in the backyard, put that phone on a tripod and hit the timer. 
You could ask your sister to snap a quick photo at your cousin’s wedding when everyone is already dressed up in outfits they clearly don’t like. 
You could ask your friend’s, sister’s, daughter who just got a fancy camera to do some family photos because maybe if you only spend $50 you won’t be disappointed when they don’t turn out.

You could.

But that overwhelm you feel? That’s you already knowing that none of those options is what you really dream of having. None of those options actually captures the heart of your family.

something we know...

We love being able to personalize your session to fit your family, provide style guides to eliminate the stress of choosing outfits, adjust our session lengths to fit the needs in the moment (no rushing the independent-minded child, no prolonging the less enthused teenager) and give you clear directions throughout our time together so no one feels left out to dry.

This will be the highlight of your day.

we are ready to take nearly all of the work off of your hands and turn family photos back into something you all can enjoy

We were able to do a session with Abby & Brandon in August 2020. When we had to reschedule due to weather, they were extremely flexible and accommodating with schedules. Abby & Brandon were professional and made the session enjoyable for my family as we had not had family pictures taken since 2015. The session flew by and I felt confident that they captured our personalities and family well. When they sent the gallery, I was blown away by the beauty of the pictures and felt so happy that I chose Abby & Brandon to document this portion in time for our family.  

Sunny Family Photo Session at Brophy Park, Alexandria, MN

Abby and Brandon have photographed our family for years. Their enthusiasm and love for people creates an energy that lifts everyone's spirits and the result is genuine JOY in the faces of their photographed subjects. I feel like I can completely hand my family over to them and they are going to make something beautiful--precious images of the people I love most AND we will have a great time in the process!! My family has been photographed by Abby and Brandon for as long as they have been in business and we are always SUPER happy with our photography and the whole experience.

Extended Family Photo Session at Brophy Park, Alexandria, MN

Abby & Brandon are not only good at what they do, it’s evident they enjoy it, too! Family photos with young children can be chaotic and stressful but they made it simple and enjoyable! And our photos turned out wonderful!

Cheerful Family Photo Session in Alexandria, MN

Abby & Brandon did a great job, especially when it came to both communication and making the kids smile! We had 4 kids between the age of 2 -6 so her passion for capturing the playful moments definitely showed. Thanks for everything, so happy we found you. We will definitely be using them again for future family photos. 

Extended Family Photo Session at Lake Carlos, Alexandria, MN

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We love your families from just the two of you all the way to 4 generations in one image and we would love to connect with you and determine what options will be the best fit for your family!
For your planning: our families start their investment at $400.

the investment

We are so excited to get to know your family and bring you into our Abby & Brandon family as well. We take a limited number of family sessions each year and our fall fills up the fastest. We are both procrastinators, so we are no strangers to the last minute “Oh shoot! We forgot to book a session”, but we’re here to help you be better than us. Book the session before you forget again.

Anywhere from 35-85 minutes. It really does depend on how everyone (namely little children) are faring. We love being able to provide flexibility for kids that need a break, babies that need to eat, being silly, etc. We are also very fast and can move quickly while still capturing SO many photos (we’re wedding photographers, “works well under pressure” is our middle name) so for those who would prefer to move quickly, we’ve got you covered too!

How long is a family session?

Your family is your family. We aren’t going to charge you extra just because you have more kids than your friends. We offer two options for our family sessions that cover most scenarios:
Immediate Family
This includes parent/parents and children. Fur babies are welcome as well!

Extended Family
This is usually patriarch/matriarch, children and spouses, grandchildren. But we’ve had additions such as great aunts and uncles, more generations to include great grandchildren, and everyone’s fur babies as well.

How many people can we include in a family session?

We are absolute believers in printed images. But we also totally understand the desire to have digital copies as well.
 After we have edited your images, we will place them in an online gallery which will be emailed to you. You will receive the printing rights for your images which means you can download and print them anywhere as well as share them online.
But our favorite feature is that you can actually print RIGHT THROUGH YOUR GALLERY! And these aren’t low quality prints that you get from most online or box store retailers. These are images printed from a high quality, professional lab! It makes getting those photos on the wall that much simpler!

What will we get as a result of our session?

That is our favorite question! Fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch soon!

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This is it! You are ready to leave dread and overwhelm behind and say “yes” to beautiful and fun family photos and a night you will truly enjoy together!
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